Scenes from recent Color Workshops

In the Color Workshop, students explore the color teachings of Josef Albers. The day begins with a discussion about Albers’ classic book Interaction of Color. Students learn how to identify colors by hue, value and saturation. They experiment with color relativity by making 3 colors look like 2. They learn how to create the illusion of transparency using only opaque colored paper. Students leave the workshop with a new awareness of color perception.

The Fall workshop is Saturday October 26.

Posters for the online course Introduction to Graphic Design: Learning from the Masters, designed by Melissa Lu

I collaborated with the Office of Learning Technologies on the creation of two online classes offered by SVA Continuing Education: Learning from the Masters, and Principles of Visual Language: Form and Color. Both online classes are video-based, with weekly assignments and real-time online meetings.

Fall sessions for Learning from the Masters begin October 7; Principles of Visual Language: Form and Color sessions begin September 23.